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With over a decade of community activity, John Classe has had the privilege to serve alongside many outstanding Frisco ISD residents, including many current and former elected and appointed officials. Join us! Add your name to the list. Together, we will keep Classe!

“I am humbled to have the support of these Frisco ISD and city leaders as I seek re-election to the school board.”

Frisco ISD Trustees

Chad Rudy
Anne McCausland
Bryan Dodson
Debbie Gillespie
Renée Ehmke
Buddy Minett
Dan Mossakowski
Sam Roach
Chris Todd

Frisco City Council

Mayor Jeff Cheney
Mayor Pro Tem Will Sowell
Shona Huffman
Bill Woodard
Scott Johnson
Maher Maso


Dick and Linda Abernethy
Randy and René Archambault
Cindy Badon
Jason and Heather Bowers
Bryan Brickman
Keith Britton
Peter Burns
Dana Cheney
Kevin and Jennifer Cox
Robert and Kelly Cox
Jason and Jennifer Cross
Laura Crow
David and Jennifer Crysup
Craig and Karen Cunningham
Geoffrey Davis
Hal and Amy Deatherage
Shaye Dodson
Jason and Diana Dudley
Chad Ehmke
Barbara Fasola
Rick and Janey Fletcher
Gregg and Tracy Gamble
Mike and Kris Gfeller
Dane Gillespie
Gje Greene and David Wallace


Del and Ann Harris
Sean Heatley
Josh and Natalie Hebert
Jamie Heit
James P and Arnita Hogan
Cindy and Paul Hons
Brian Huffman
Kevin and Cynthia Hurley
Jeff and Shannon Jacobs
Julia Johnson
Jon and Joselyne Kendall
Bob and Betty Jo King
Sandra Kirk
Aaron and Kristen Lane
Fred Lusk
Ed Mahoney
Mike Martin
Jim McCausland
Lee McCormick
Mike and Kathleen McCoy
Richard “Skip” Middleton
Joni Minett
Craig and Jennifer Moen
Bryan and Jennifer Morgan
Bob and Martha Moroch
Chris Moss
Sally Mossakowski


Lee Myrben
Dr. Debra Nelson
David and Wren Ovard
Bill and Debbie Pasha
Dick Peasley
Hunt Reifschneider
David and Amy Richmond
Bobby Roberti
Amy Rudy
Will and Valorie Russell
Brad and Marian Schulze
Brad Sharp
Bobbie Sowell
Matthew Sowell
Ed Szczebak
Ed and Mary Ann Tamm
Bill and Susan Thomas
Holly Todd
Jeff Trykoski
Katrina Watland and Jay Woody
Lane and Michelle Wilkins
Carter Wilson
Laura Woodard
Martin and Heather Woodward